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Jul 26
Jul 26


Antimony Living by wondymoon

- All objects are recolorable.

- Set Contains

-3 Living Chairs


-2 Pouffes

-2 Pillows

-Coffee Table

-2 End Tables



Jul 26
Jul 26
Jul 26


ND Contacts #5 & #6

Three Recolourable Channels + Thumbnails

mega | dropbox

sclera: brntwaffles

I’m working on making all of these defaults as well! Also wanted to point out that the ‘lumpyness’ I thought the contacts had is due to the iris slider - making them big (I mean huge) will make the edges wobbly, not sure why.

Jul 26


my personality is 30% the last movie I watched

Jul 26



Beep boop. Getting there.

For a second I thought this was one of those movie character render promo shots. Then I saw the axe and Elexis’ boots and it dawned on me. :P

Jul 26


Chalkboard Decor!

Just a little something I made and I thought I’d share them with you guys :3 

Mesh is by ATS

» Download «

Jul 26


Community Lot Restroom Door Revamp

Needing variety in my community lot builds, I revamped the current base game Restroom Doors and have 9 presets with 4 channels. I edited the mask for better color options, updated the original overlay to be less pixely (it’s still not perfect, but it’s tons better than before), 7 additional overlays and 1 blank version to color anyway you desire.  Your choice of a non-default and default replacement option for the female and male versions. The files can be placed in your overrides or package mod folders. To see more ingame pictures go here. Hope you enjoy!

Download Link

OneDrive - packages

4shared - packages


  • Most of the images are generic clip-art found on google images or my Pinterest.
  • Mesh by EA
  • Thanks to everyone for your help and input on the images. :)

Terms of Use

Do what you want with it, after all it’s just pixels. But DO NOT re-upload, put on a pay website, or adfly.

I track the tags Mspoodle & Mspoodle1 and would love to see how you use them in game.

Jul 26


Paris Prints Set - “We’ll always have Paris.”
Gift 2 is a set of prints of the beautiful city Paris! The set consists of seven variations:

  • 3 horizontal versions, one is a leaning version (contains 5 prints), mesh by Sandy from Around The Sims 3 and Yarona
  • 2 medium versions with 22 prints (wall and leaning version), mesh by leehee4444, converted by BlueHopper
  • a square version with 4 prints, mesh by Indigo
  • a large version with 4 prints, mesh by baufive

Art is from different artists on All sizes are included in the download :)

Box / Mediafire